Multiplex 10

Multiplex 10 is an animated short film AND an all-new web series about the staff of a movie theater!

About the Short Film

Multiplex 10 is an animated comedy about a schlock-loving movie theater usher named Kurt and a film snob named Jason who come to realize they have a little common ground in their shared — but very different — love of film.

The short is based on the comic strip Multiplex, which chronicled the lives of the staff of a movie theater over the course of twelve years — but this animated version is part reboot and part prequel. While fans of the comic will love seeing these characters brought to life, Multiplex 10 will also appeal to movie lovers, anyone who’s ever worked a minimum wage job, and anyone who’s had an annoying friend who just can’t shut up about why the things you like are terrible.

Thanks to the generous support of 572 backers on Kickstarter and over 130 backers on Indiegogo, the short was produced in the summer and fall of 2017, and it was released through Vimeo On Demand on January 29, 2018, in addition to beginning a film festival run and playing at screenings at select theaters across the country.

For more information about where to rent, stream, or buy the animated short, visit the Animated Short page.

For more information about upcoming (and past) screenings, visit the Screenings page.

About the Web Series

An irregularly produced series of standalone vignettes featuring the Multiplex 10 staff launched on January 2018. These episodes are set after the events of the short film. You can watch the Multiplex 10 web series right here on the Multiplex 10 site, as well as on YouTube.

A companion series called Multiplex 10 Movie Minutes debuted in May 2018, featuring spoiler-free, animated movie reviews by the Multiplex 10 staff.

How many episodes of these series we can produce and how often we produce them depends entirely on the funding we raise!

Learn more about supporting the Multiplex 10 web series on the Support page.

About Gordon McAlpin

Gordon McAlpin wrote and illustrated the comic strip Multiplex from July 2005 through April 2017, and is the executive producer, director, and animator of the Multiplex 10 short and the web series. Outside of Multiplex 10, he works a freelance writer, designer, illustrator, and animator. He has an MFA in Design from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. He lives in Somerville, MA, with his fiancée Karyn and their cats, Dipper and Mabel.

Visit Gordon McAlpin’s portfolio website if you’re interested in commissioning an illustration or animation project.

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