About Multiplex 10

Multiplex 10 is an eleven-minute animated short about a schlock-loving movie theater usher name Kurt and a film snob named Jason who come to realize they have a little common ground in their shared — yet very, very different — love of film.

The short is based on the comic strip Multiplex, which chronicled the lives of the staff of a movie theater over the course of twelve years — but this animated version is part reboot and part prequel. While fans of the comic will love seeing these characters brought to life, we’re hoping to reach a new, wider audience.

Multiplex 10 will appeal to movie lovers, anyone who’s ever worked a minimum wage job, and anyone who’s had an annoying friend who just can’t shut up about why the things you like are terrible. While the short stands on its own, we’re hoping it can also serve as a pilot for full series.

Multiplex 10 is in pre-production NOW, thanks to the generous support of over 500 backers on Kickstarter.

Multiplex 10 comic strips leading up to the events in the first episode are being published here on an irregular basis. The archives can be found in the site’s Story Comics category.

For press inquiries, please e-mail press@multiplex10.com.