Sponsor Multiplex 10

Over the course of twelve years, the comic strip Multiplex build a community around these characters, and around the love of film featuring in its pages — and now, in the Multiplex 10 web series.

If you or your business sponsor the Multiplex 10 series, you’ll not only support the production of the show, but reach our audience, as well. Currently, between YouTube and Vimeo, Multiplex 10 has over 700 subscribers, and they love movies, making the show especially well-suited to movie podcasts, indie studios, movie-themed vlogs or YouTube channels, and so on.

Rates range from basic “billboard” style graphics shown during the end credits to… well, whatever you have in mind! Let us know what you’d like, and if you don’t already have artwork, we can handle any design and/or 2D animation. required.

If you would like to sponsor one or more episodes of the Multiplex 10 web series, e-mail me@gordonmcalpin.com for more information.