Multiplex 10: The Web Series is an animated comedy about the staff of a movie theater and the movies that play there. These episodes are set after the events of the Multiplex 10 short film, but you don’t need to have seen that to enjoy these standalone vignettes.


This Is A Quiet Place (4/9/2018)

Kurt gets very serious about giving the customers what they’ve asked for.

What Marvel hoped you wouldn’t notice in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer (3/19/2018)

You won’t believe what major Marvel Cinematic Universe character you totally missed in the final Avengers: Infinity War trailer!

Enough with The Last Jedi (2/12/2018)

Jason is sick of hearing people talk about The Last Jedi.

Oscar Pool (1/29/2018)

The Multiplex 10 Cinemas’ annual Oscar pool brings out Jason’s competitive side.