Untitled Star Wars Mini-Episode – Multiplex 10

This, um, untitled mini-episode of Multiplex 10 relates to Star Wars. Have you guys heard of Star Wars?

We know it’s been a while, and we’re hoping to make sure the next episode of Multiplex 10 comes sooner rather than later. We’ll be launching a smallish crowdfunding project (not sure where yet, but not Kickstarter) to fund additional episodes of Multiplex 10 in the next few weeks! Please cyberstalk us to get notified when that goes live! More updates soon, we promise.

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Directed, executive produced, animated, and edited by Gordon McAlpin
Written by Joe Dunn
Starring Gordon McAlpin and Tom Brazelton
Music by Tangelene Bolton
Associate Producers: Kirk Damman, Amy Guth, Robert Hornak, Jeff Williamson
Producers: Tom Brazelton, Joe Dunn, and Christopher Niessl
Co-Executive Producers: Avrom Honig and Lawrence McAlpin