Multiplex 10 is two years old! Help us make more!

I got my dates mixed up earlier in the week, but today (1/29/20) is the second anniversary of Multiplex 10, marking two years since both Multiplex 10: The Animated Short and our first web series episode debuted!

We’ve been a little quiet lately (sorry about that) but we want to make at least one more episode of Multiplex 10, and we need your help to do it!

Head over to Indiegogo TODAY to pledge your support! 

We’ve got a very small $2,500 goal for one additional episode (already written and storyboarded!) but every penny more than that will help us make even more Multiplex 10.

(Please note: If you backed the web series Kickstarter, this new campaign is expanding that project! Tossing us a few dollars will absolutely help, of course, but you’ll get all the same producer credits in any new episodes that you did then.)