Multiplex 10 Review Comic: Menashe (2017)

Apparently I had forgotten to upload this review comic, which was requested by our co-executive producer Avrom Honig. Menashe was a lovely character study, and you lament how much even “independent” films have started to shoehorn itself into Hollywood tropes in order to make a profit, you would do well to seek it out.

Just so you know, the next Multiplex 10 web series episode is coming… in a few weeks! It is by far the most complex one we’ve done to date, clocking in at over four minutes and featuring the largest cast of any of them. Notably, we’ll see the return of Becky (again played by Aiyanna Wade) and Franklin (played by Malcolm Ray from Channel Awesome).

Bear with us! It’s a hard one, but it’ll be worth it.