A massively stupid unforced error…

So… yeah. Last night I screwed something up big-time.

Not enough sleep, coupled with plain ol’ stupidity found me deleting my G Suite account, not realizing that it was associated with more than just some e-mail addresses. It turns out that I also lost all of my email from from the last… well, ever, but it was in fact much, much worse, because it also included the Multiplex 10 “brand account,” as well. Including the YouTube channel, all its subscribers, view statistics, and so on, and so forth.

I’ve been having a bad week, and this was an extra bit of fun dolloped on top.

It does not look like restoring the account is an option. Google claims that it is deleted permanently, which would make it literally the only data in the universe that is actually deleted permanently when it is supposedly deleted. But it is what it is.

I’ve already re-uploaded the web series episodes, but in order to avoid any further stupidity, I need to get some sleep before I upload the Movie Minutes reviews.

BUT. Please subscribe to the NEW YouTube channel, because I’d really like to be able to get back that custom URL as soon as possible, if nothing else. The new URL (at least temporarily) is https://www.youtube.com/c/Multiplex10Cinemas

On a brighter note, Joe Dunn and I cracked an angle for the next video, which will be either a Movie Minutes review of the newest Nic Cage movie, Mandy, or possibly some kind of weird blend between a Movie Minutes review and a web series episode…? We’re working on the script, which (sorry) I do realize has been taking a bit too long.

[deep sigh]

Anyway, good night.


Multiplex 10 is an official selection at the 2018 FilmQuest Festival!

We got into FilmQuest biatch!

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that Multiplex 10: The Web Series is an official selection at the 2018 FilmQuest Festival! This is one of the bigger festivals that I’ve submitted to, and easily the biggest one that we’ve been accepted at, so I’m really excited that we were selected. The other web series selections that I’m familiar with are terrific, too, so we’re in fantastic company.

They will be screening the “Self-Help” episode at the actual festival in Provo, Utah, this September. Check out the FilmQuest website for more details.

Multiplex 10 Movie Minutes review of The Incredibles 2 is coming NEXT WEEK! This review has been a little slow to produce because the Kickstarter project and freelance work were eating up my time… so it’s not quite as timely as I like these reviews to be. But—like all of the Movie Minutes reviews—it’s not just a pair of movie reviews; it’s also a fun, character-driven scene with Kurt and Jason talking about movies.

The Multiplex 10 Writers’ Room reconvened last night — and we started mapping out what we’re doing through August. These things have a tendency to change, so I don’t want to announce anything too far in advance, but after one more Movie Minutes review (of Sorry to Bother You), we’ll finally be working on the first new web series episode since “Self-Help” was released in May!

Multiplex 10: The Web Series is FUNDED! (Officially!)

Thanks to 322 backers, after a rollercoaster few days with far bigger pledge adjustments than I’ve ever had in a crowdfunding campaign, we’ve ended the campaign with $20,261thankfully above the goal.

The final tally of new Multiplex 10 content funded by this project, then, stands at:

  • FIVE (or more) episodes of Multiplex 10: The Web Series
  • FIVE (or more) movie reviews (similar to, but not necessarily, Multiplex 10 Movie Minutes reviews)
  • FOUR one-minute animated movie reviews with Jason (rewards for Co-Producer level backers and up)
  • a digital comic incorporating reviews of the Middle-Earth movies, the Harry Potter movies, and ten Star Wars movies (the $16,000 milestone goal)
  • plus SIX “regular” movie review comics (rewards for Cinephile level backers and up)
  • and the production of Multiplex 10: The Web Series USB cards

At just barely over the goal, quite honestly, we’re most likely only going to be able to produce that minimum of ten web series episodes and movie reviews… but we’ll see. It depends, of course, on the length and complexity of the scripts we come up with, whether I can fit in a freelance project here and there to help cover my non-Multiplex 10-related expenses, etc.

The digital comic of movie reviews will be the lowest priority of all this, but I’ll try to start on them soon and release one every week or two until they’re complete. These comics will almost certainly stretch on after the last of the funded videos is released.

I will try to have something new—a comic, a review, a web series episode—every single week (after this week). And, of course, you will get updates on the project the whole way.

Next steps!

The writers’ room will be re-convening TOMORROW, to figure out the first couple of web series episodes and reviews, and to brainstorm some ideas for any more complex and/or less timely episodes that we want to do, such as the Melissa/Becky spotlight episode or a Halloween episode, so that we can get ahead on those—designing any new characters or backgrounds we might need, casting new characters, etc.

As the project page describes, we’re hoping to get the funded videos completed by October, but if the episodes require more time, that may stretch on a month or two longer. (That will delay the USB cards, of course, as well, since the funded videos need to be complete before that can be distributed.)

I’ll distribute some of your digital rewards (like the digital download of the animated short) as soon as all of the payments have been processed, which might take about a week.

My heads a little spinny right now, as you might be able to imagine! If I haven’t explained something, please ask in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Talk to you soon!

If you missed the funding period but still want to help, you can still get access to the behind-the-scenes updates, get early access, and some similar rewards by supporting Multiplex 10 through Patreon!

Multiplex 10: The Web Series is FUNDED on Kickstarter!

Thanks to 272 backers (and counting), Multiplex 10: The Web Series is FULLY FUNDED. At this point, the Kickstarter is funding:

  • FIVE (or more) episodes of Multiplex 10: The Web Series
  • FIVE (or more) movie reviews (similar in format to, but not necessarily, Multiplex 10 Movie Minutes reviews)
  • FOUR one-minute animated movie reviews with Jason (rewards for Co-Producer level backers and up)
  • a digital comic incorporating reviews (from a certain point of view) of TWENTY-FOUR nerdy movies: the first ten theatrically released Star Wars movies, all the Middle-Earth movies (Extended Editions), and the Harry Potter movies (the $16,000 milestone goal)
  • plus EIGHT more movie review comics (rewards for Cinephile level backers and up)
  • and the production of Multiplex 10: The Web Series USB cards

And we still have two and a half days to add more work onto that pile! The funding period ends at 10pm on Tuesday (July 17th), meaning we get into our final 48 hours TONIGHT, and Kickstarter will send out the “Remind Me” notifications, hopefully pushing us up even higher.

We have exactly one stretch goal: more Multiplex 10. For every $4,000 we raise beyond the minimum goal, we’ll be able to produce one more episode of the web series AND improve the budgets on all of other episodes — allowing us to bring in more voice actors, license more (and more expensive) music, making longer and more complicated episodes, pay the writers-who-aren’t-Gordon better, etc., and maybe even upgrade the five year old laptop that Multiplex 10 is currently made on. (Video work is much more demanding than comics and illustration!)

Thanks so much for your support so far!

Four days remaining, and $1,200 left toward our base goal!

We had a bit of a setback last night on the Kickstarter campaign. Two pledge adjustments put us back below $18,000. We’ve already recovered some of that ground, but are still roughly $1,200 shy of our goal, with FOUR DAYS left in the funding period.

We could use your help getting back up over that $19,000 milestone and pushing on to the goal! Remember: Kickstarter projects are all or nothing—if we fall short, we get none of the pledges, and no new videos (or movie review comics) will get made!

Help us continue our award-winning animated web series today!

We’ve been nominated for an IAWTV Award!

Multiplex 10: The Web Series has been nominated for Best Animated Series in the 2018 International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) Awards! This is one of the bigger non-festival awards for web series, and it’s really awesome to be nominated, whether or not one of the other nominees takes it home next month. Click through to the complete list of nominees and use it as a checklist for awesome web series to watch!

We also passed $18,000$19,000 on the Multiplex 10 Kickstarter so we have just under $1,000 left to go. With FIVE (and a half) days left in the funding period, we’re in very good shape! Hopefully we will be able to go a little farther so i can wring even more animation out of the budget. Fuck. Shit happens, and a couple of people needed to adjust their pledges, so we’re basically back to where we were Thursday morning.

If you love Multiplex 10 and haven’t already checked out the Kickstarter project page yet, head over and pledge your support today!

Five Days Left!