Multiplex 10 is coming in ONE WEEK!

In one week, not only will the Multiplex 10 animated short finally be released to THE ENTIRE WORLD on Vimeo On Demand! It will be $1.99 to rent or $4.99 to buy in the US — and I forget how much in other countries.

But that’s not all! Multiplex 10 the web series will also launch on the 29th, as well. Get notified when it’s available by subscribing to the Multiplex 10 YouTube channel or following Multiplex 10 Cinemas on Vimeo. (Yup, it’s free.)

The first, minute-long webisode is called “The Oscar Pool” and was written by Tom Brazelton of Theater Hopper and Triple Feature fame, so I can fairly say I think it’s very funny. Here’s a glimpse:

Still from Multiplex 10: "The Oscar Pool"

Yep. Looks like Jason and Kurt are talking about movies! 😀 SHOCKING.

Next week’s gonna be awesome, you guys. Awesome.

Multiplex 10 has been selected by the Door County Short Film Festival and GeekFest!

Multiplex 10 has been selected—officially—by the Door County Short Film Festival in Sister Bay, Wisconsin, and GeekFest, a touring festival with stops at comic book conventions across North America, including Long Beach Comic Expo, MegaCon, Dallas Comic Con, Comic Con Palm Springs, Fan Expo Canada, Long Beach Comic Con, Rose City Comic Con, Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con, HawaiiCon, New York Comic Con, and Rhode Island Comic Con.

Hopefully these are just the first of many, but we’re thrilled and honored to be included in both festivals!

Multiplex 10: the animated short is now available for PRE-ORDER!

MULTIPLEX 10 is an animated comedy short that centers around the lives of the movie-loving and customer-weary staff of the Multiplex 10 Cinemas. Kurt is an usher, pining for that special someone to share his love of horror movies. The newest hire, Jason, is a film snob who just needs a freakin’ job, okay? Despite their differences, the pair will make fast friends — unless they kill each other first.

A Chase Sequence and Strangewaze film, MULTIPLEX 10 is coming to Vimeo On Demand at MIDNIGHT Eastern on January 29, 2018. You can pre-order it through Vimeo On Demand NOW.


Directed, executive produced, and animated by Gordon McAlpin, MULTIPLEX 10 was co-written by McAlpin and Dana Luery Shaw (Echo Chamber, Classic Alice), based on the comic strip Multiplex created by Gordon McAlpin. The cast includes Gordon McAlpin, Tom Brazelton, Dana Luery Shaw, Aiyanna Wade (Nostalgia Critic), Javier Prusky (Halt and Catch Fire), Joe Dunn, and Chris Rager (Dragonball Z, Borderlands 2). Tangelene Bolton (American Zealot, Jem and the Holograms) composed an original score.

Thank you from the Multiplex 10 Cinemas!

The Multiplex 10 Indiegogo Second Chance campaign is almost over! The $2,000 goal was intended to fund the production of Multiplex 10 USB cards pre-loaded with the short, help cover film festival submission fees, and also give us a little extra funding to promote the short film.

We’ve ended up raising over $4,000 from over 100 Indiegogo backers — and counting — which has added a director’s commentary audio track to the digital download for eevvvveryone and provided enough extra funding that we can promote the short with some all-new Multiplex 10 animated mini-episodes. These “webisodes,” as I’m calling them, will be posted free online all over the place (at least at first).  In other words, Multiplex 10 is now a web series!

Now, to be clear: we’re going to start small. While the second stretch goal for the Indiegogo project includes at least one 2–3 minute webisode, that isn’t necessarily the one we’re going to do first. (But we will get to it in 2018!)

Tom is getting a new mic so that his audio quality sounds better than in the video above, and I need to pick up on some tricks in order to very quickly make decent-looking animation, so that the movie jokes we come up with are as timely as possible. Things will probably look and feel a lot like… well, this video here, or some of the really early Multiplex comic strips. This is a fairly different format from the animated short, so we want to get our feet wet before jumping in.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the short film and either of the crowdfunding campaigns!

There is still time to back the project! It ends TONIGHT (FRIDAY) at MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME (a.k.a. Saturday 3AM Eastern). Every additional dollar helps with the release and promotion of the short, and with the production of the upcoming webisodes.

The Multiplex 10 Second Chance campaign ends in 24 hours!

Last call to lend your support to the Multiplex 10 Indiegogo Second Chance campaign! The campaign ends at exactly MIDNIGHT Pacific Time tonight.

As of this writing, we’ve raised a little north of $3,600. One higher level backer could bump us up to get that second stretch goal and guarantee a 2–3 minute webisode featuring Jason and Kurt!

But whether or not we make it there, we are already getting the ball rolling for some shorter animated Multiplex 10 stuff. Any money we raise through the Indiegogo at this point will just mean we can submit the short film to more film festivals and create more animated content that will (indirectly and directly) promote the short film.

Don’t forget — there are TWO sketch giveaways to Indiegogo backers at ANY reward level! One by me, one by comics rockstar Gene Ha.

AND if you haven’t watched it already, there is a minute and a half preview of the short film! Rewards include producer credits in either the short or any funded webisodes, behind the scenes stuff from the animated short, and more!

Multiplex 10 sketch giveaways by Gene Ha and also some other guy

The Multiplex 10 Indiegogo Second Chance campaign ends on FRIDAY and we’ve still got a little ways to go for the base goal. (UPDATE: We’ve just passed hte goal! Yay! Thank you! But don’t stop there; every penny we raise will help with the release, film festival submission fees, or promotional costs for the short!)

In order to help get us there, I’m giving away two—count ’em, TWO—sketches of the Multiplex 10 cast. To be eligible for BOTH of them, you just need to be an Indiegogo backer at ANY level—and, of course, not cancel your pledge. The winner will be selected at random after the campaign ends, successfully or not. (And yes, hypothetically, you could win both of them, however mathematically unlikely that may be.)

The first is by comics rockstar Gene Ha, artist of Top Ten with Alan Moore and currently the writer-artist behind Dark Horse’s Mae, and it features Melissa and Becky cosplaying as Leia and Rey.

The second is a drawing of Kurt and Jason by me, a.k.a. Gordon McAlpin:

So yeah!

tl;dr: Help support Multiplex 10’s film festival run and get a chance at winning a sketch by one of modern comics’ greatest artists or possibly one by some other guy! Pledge to support the Multiplex 10 Indiegogo Second Chance campaign today!

UPDATE! Congratulations to Michael Lowen for winning Gene’s sketch and to Calvin On for winning my sketch!