#3: Creepshow

Warning: There is a (minor?) spoiler for Life in this strip.

With the Kickstarter project not only funded but comfortably past the goal, I’ll be posting more in this series of strips leading up to the events in the animated short. They are an introduction to the new versions of the characters and will hopefully give you a sense of the (very) slightly different tone in this new take on the characters.

I’m going to aim for about once a week, but don’t want to commit to a regular schedule yet, because work on the animated short comes first.

We’re 90% funded!!!

We’ve just passed 90% funding with SEVEN days to go, by Kickstarter’s clock, and so here is a comic to celebrate!

Just $1,500 to go before we can officially greenlight the pilot. But the more we raise, the better we can make the short and the more effectively we can distribute it, both of which improve our chances of getting a full series made down the road.

So please, continue to share the project with your friends and friends as we head into the last week of the funding period.

Thank you for your support!