Meet (some of) the Multiplex 10 cast and crew on Kickstarter Live!

I’m not sure who else will be able to join me yet but I will be hosting a Kickstarter Live livestream on Wednesday night at 8pm EDT at this URL:

In other news, your enthusiasm for the project (and the outpouring of love after the final Multiplex was posted) has been incredible. I didn’t expect to be announcing this milestone so quickly: In just over twenty-four hours, the Multiplex 10: the animated short Kickstarter project has raised $7,392 in pledges from 200 backers — just barely shy of half its base goal.

We still have a long way to go before we’ve met the base goal, of course, but… this was a good day. Thank you all so much for your support!

UPDATE: The livestream is now over, but you can replay it (at the same URL) to watch me, producer/co-writer Dana Shaw, co-produce Joe Dunn, and composer Tangelene Bolton talk about ourselves, our work, and, of course, answer some of your questions about Multiplex 10!