(Pre-)production update for June

In the last few weeks, we’ve solidified the script and begun recording final dialogue for some of the characters. (Recording will take place over the next few weeks, because the cast is scattered all over the country.)

Backgrounds, props, and the last remaining characters are now being designed. The above still is from the first scene, which takes place at Flickhead Video, the video store two doors down from the Multiplex 10 Cinemas. This scene has some of the more complex backgrounds in the short because of the number of DVD cases and cars visible in them.

Since I’m an independent animator and work almost entirely on my own, I’m a little fuzzy about where the line between pre-production and production officially sits. But once all of the animation assets have been drawn and all of the final dialogue has been recorded, I’ll put together a polished animatic, and then jump into the final animation.