Multiplex 10 Production Update for September

(I guess technically this production update is a day late to be for September, but it’s about the progress I made in September.)

My arm is still slowing down production. I had a very productive week last week, but then my elbow started disagreeing with me again. The healing/recovery process was never going to be a straight line, of course, but the limit on how much I can work without having a setback is constantly moving and more than a little hard to figure out.

Still, I’ve made a great deal of progress over the last month. All of the shots are now fully designed, and I’m in the process of moving all the assets into Animate CC (and After Effects, where needed) — which is a long and tedious process. I’m also building the libraries of character mouth shapes, because this is a very dialogue-driven short. On the plus side, most of this work will make creating future Multiplex 10 shorts, webisodes, or even comics much easier.

I’m in the process of cutting together a trailer that I hope to share with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here’s a more or less finalized snippet from the scene where Jason and Kurt meet: