Avengers: Infinity War Review – Multiplex 10 Movie Minutes

Multiplex 10 Movie Minutes is a brand new companion series to Multiplex 10: The Web Series featuring movie reviews by Kurt, Jason, and occasionally other members of the Multiplex 10 staff. This week… Avengers: Infinity War!

We’re going to be focusing on these movie reviews for the near future while we prep an upcoming Kickstarter project to fund additional episodes of Multiplex 10: The Web Series.

We hope you enjoy these! And, like Jason says at the end, let us know what upcoming movie releases you’d like to see the Multiplex 10 gang review!

Written, directed, executive produced, animated, and edited by Gordon McAlpin
Producers: Tom Brazelton and Joe Dunn
Tom Brazelton – Kurt
Gordon McAlpin – Jason
Music by Tangelene Bolton
Associate Producer: Amy Guth