Help fund the Multiplex 10 animated short’s film festival run and release!

One week down in the Multiplex 10 Indiegogo Second Chance campaign. We currently stand (at the time of this writing) at a little over $1,400, with $600 remaining.

At the pace we’ve been going, we’re in decent shape. We should get to the goal. We’ll need a few generous backers to get to the $4,000 stretch goal, though, where we can fund an all-new 2–3 minute webisode to start off Multiplex 10: the web series. Fingers crossed (and we’re looking into other avenues for funding that, too).

So if you haven’t already checked out the Indiegogo campaign, please do! Every dollar we raise over the base goal will help the film festival run, release, and promotion of the short—all of which increase our chances of making even more full-length (11-minute) episodes of Multiplex 10.