10 Days Remaining! We’ve passed $16,000!!!

We passed the $16,000 milestone last night (or 80% of our base goal) — in large part due to our new Co-Executive Producers, ReKindle Studios and some guy named… Lawrence McAlpin? (It’s my brother. He’s the smart one in the family; he’s not a professional artist.)

That means all the Co-Executive Producer reward levels are CLAIMED — for now. If/when we pass the base goal, I will open up more producer level rewards afterward. (After that point, a new Co-Executive Producer level reward would fund additional videos. I’ll talk more about stretch goals later.)

What passing $16,000 on Friday night ALSO meant is that I am also going to write and draw movie review comics with Kurt and Jason reviewing twenty-three nerd movies: the first nine Star Wars features — wait, technically the Clone Wars movie counts, so I guess that should be ten.


What passing $16,000 on Friday night ALSO meant is that I am also going to write and draw movie review comics with Kurt and Jason reviewing twenty-four nerd movies: the first TEN Star Wars features; the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions; and the Harry Potter movies.

These review comics will be posted in the Kickstarter backer updates, on Patreon, and here on the Multiplex 10 website. They will be collected into the Art of Multiplex 10 ebook — and, because there are so many of them, possibly into a separate ebook that will be for available for purchase — UNLIKE the Art of Multiplex 10 ebook.

I am going to aim to release one every week, but the deadlines on the videos will come first, so it may be slower than that. Also, note that these comics can only get produced IF we actually make it to the funding goal… but that seems pretty like a pretty good bet at this point.

So it looks like I’m going to be doing a (semi-)regular webcomic for a little while, too, in addition to the animation. Even though a review comic isn’t QUITE the same as the old webcomic, it’ll be interesting to see where this goes. I hope. I’ve had a little fun with the comic strip review format in the past, and I’ve been tossing around some ideas so all I can really promise is that they will be roughly twenty-two pages of comics, and they will be movie reviews… from a certain point of view.

11 Days Remaining! The Multiplex 10 Cinemas needs your help!

Eleven days left…

We’re about half-way through the funding period and at 68% of our funding goal. This is okay shape to hit the goal, but even though people are still recovering from the Fourth of July (in the US, anyway), I’m still hoping to cross the 15,000 (75%) milestone as early as possible; the sooner that happens, the better chance we have of exceeding the goal and being able to make longer, more character-driven videos—or just more videos!

A couple of large pledges could get us there and unlock a whoooole bunch of nerdy movie review comics—so if any of you have entertained the idea of being a film producer, this is your chance!

ALSO! The Multiplex 10 short was recently selected to screen at the Palm Springs International Animation Festival in August, where it will compete in the 2D Comedy Short category! Cross your fingers for us, and if you can make it there, cheer us on!

Announcing… new Movie Review Comic milestone goals!

The $15,000 (75%) milestone is a huge one. Hitting it as early as possible means we’ll spend more time on the Nearly Funded page on Kickstarter and put us in a much better position to hit or exceed the funding goal.

In addition to all the other giveaways and bonuses (detailed on the Kickstarter Project page), Jason and Kurt will review up to twenty-three nerd movies in comic strip form—IF we hit these milestone goals…

There’s also information about a new reward that includes a custom vector illustration by yours truly (a.k.a. Gordon)! So if you’d like the character of your choice drawn sort of like one of the illustrations below, head over to the Kickstarter project page today!

Don’t wait! Pledging early encourages others to pledge, too, and the increased discoverability of being on the Nearly Funded page will help the project even more — so every dollar you pledge could get magnified greatly.

Happy Fourth of July, stay safe, don’t eat too much, and I’ll talk to you soon!
— Gordon

Be an extra in Multiplex 10: The Web Series!

In addition to the second prize pack giveway that I announced last night after we passed the 50% milestone, I wanted to do another giveaway:

I’m giving away one cameo appearance in an upcoming Multiplex 10 web series episodes for every 100 backers we get, if the project is successfully funded! (These will most likely be customer appearing the background of the lobby or an auditorium.)

Cameo Giveaway

Additional cameos will be unlocked for every 100 backers we get, and as a thank you to earlier backers, they will get multiple chances to win —but every backer will have at least ONE chance.

Please see the Kickstarter update announcing this giveaway for more details.

Multiplex 10: The SECOND Giveaway

Giveaway 2

The Multiplex 10: The Web Series Kickstarter prize pack giveaway that I announced Monday morning succeeded beyond my wildest hopes!

I planned to do a different giveaway next, but because I thought I’d have more time to prep stuff, I’m not ready to do that one yet—so I’m just gonna do the first one… again, meaning everyone who has backed to date has TWO chances of winning.

But… three more lucky backers who help us pass reach the $14,000 milestone (a.k.a. 75%) will win the same prize pack, which includes:

  • Signed and sketched copies of all three Multiplex print collections to date
  • A Multiplex 10: The Animated Short USB card
  • The Multiplex mini-poster set
  • A 6″x8″ brush and ink sketch of the person or character of your choice
  • plus some other dumb stuff like a bookmark and some postcards that you can use… as bookmarks!

SO YEAH! Pledge today and pledge AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. The more you pledge, the higher your chances of winning are, because it gets us closer to that 75% funding milestone. The 75% funding point is a huge one, because puts us in the “Nearly Funded” page of the Kickstarter search, increasing our discoverability on the site.